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  • It is the dream of every Palestinian to be of Ethiopian descent for even an hour Posted on 05 May 2015

    Ramallah: Amidst ongoing protests by Jews of Ethiopian descent in Israel, Palestinian Knesset member Ahmad Al Tibi has said that black Israelis suffer only a fraction of discrimination than Palestinians do under the Israeli regime.

    He pointed out that if Palestinian protesters had blocked the Ayalon Highway, there would be snipers shooting dead Palestinians, noting that not a single black Israeli was killed in the proests.

    “It is the dream of every Palestinian to be of Ethiopian descent for even an hour,” said Al Tibi. Palestinians complain that their blood is cheap to the Israelis with a number of Palestinians in 1948 areas indiscriminately killed by Israeli police this past year.

    At least six Palestinians of the 1948 areas have been shot and killed by the Israeli police. Palestinians of the 1948 areas have complained against the brutality of the Israeli police, have organized several rallies in their areas and have conducted general strikes in protest against brutality, racism and violence of the Israeli police but the Israeli government have done little to address their concerns.

    The Ethiopian community in Israel took to the streets last Sunday to protest the brutality of the Israeli police after two Israeli policemen assaulted Ethiopian army conscript Demas Fekadeh in a seemingly unprovoked attack. The incident was captured on video. The victim was then arrested for no apparent reason.

    According to the Israeli daily, the Haaretz, the Ethiopian protest in Tel Aviv turned violent and 19 protesters will be brought before judge for remand hearing. The Israeli police reported that several police officers were wounded during the protest.

    “We are against the brutality and racisim of Israeli police, if its directed at Palestinians or Ethiopians,” Al Tibi said.

    He pointed out, however, that Ethiopian Jews had voted for the Israeli right wing during the last elections and now they are suffering under their racist policies.

    “The government discriminates against Ethiopians because of the colour of their skin,” he said

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