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  • Preparations For 2015 Ethiopian General Election Finalised Posted on 06 May 2015

    ADDIS ABABA, May 6  -- The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) has finalised preparations for the country's upcoming general election election scheulded for May 24, says its Secretary-General, Nega Dufisa.

    Ninety per cent of the work involved in the dispatching of the documents and materials necessary for voting has been completed and all materials would reach all the 46,000 electoral stations 10 days before the election date, he added here Monday.

    Each activity has been proceeding according to the schedule set since the board started its pre-election operations, stated the NEBE Secretary-General, who added that the experiences it had gained during the past four elections had helped it carry out the process in such a way as to make the elections peaceful, fair and credible.

    The training for election implementers was carried out according to schedule and local observers in different parts of the country were receiving the necessary training, Nega said.

    NEBE Vice-Chairman Dr. Addisu Gebre-egziabher said the board had been striving to make the elections gain international acceptance and he urged political parties, stakeholders and the public to contribute their share.

    Some 58 political parties will contest the general election, it was pointed out, with 1,818 candidates running for seats in the House of Peoples' Representatives (lower house of Parliament) and 3,953 for seats in regional councils.

    Of the numbers, nine candidates contesting for the House of Peoples Representatives and three candidates running for regional councils are independents.
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