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  • Recent picture of abducted Andargachew Tsige published by government affiliated website Posted on 12 May 2015

    In a matter of a week after Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) reported on the health of abducted Ethiopian opposition figure Andargachew Tsige, government affiliated website “Ethiopia First” ( click here) published a photo of him.

    Usually when there are reports of poor health about Andargachew, government releases investigation like video through state television.

    This time it is only a picture and not directly published state media.

    The picture is purportedly shows when Andargachew is touring express way opened in recent years.

    No family member or any other party is allowed to visit Andargachew in prison. So far the only known exception is that the British Ambassador to Ethiopia, Greg Dorey, paid a visit to Andargachew Tsige twice in a span of months and not much is known about his observation.

    Many are puzzled as to what taking Andargachew Tsige on tour of road infrastructure  is supposed to mean while no family member is allowed to visit Andargachew. To date, no other political prisoner is reportedly taken on a tour recently constructed infrastructure.

    It is to be recalled that Andargachew Tsige was abducted in Yemen while on what appeared to be transiting to Eritrea in June of 2014. Andargachew is a British citizen.

    He was sentenced to death in absentia for involvement in opposition movement, ginbot 7, for which he was a secretary.

    Source: http://www.borkena.com/




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