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  • The University of Oxford: On Black History Month celebrates the Legacies of Haile Selassie I Posted on 03 October 2018

    Oxford Black History Month October 2018

    Ethiopia Oxford and the Legacies of Haile Selassie in the Popular Imagination

    On the 24 of October 1954 Haile Selassie Emperor of Ethiopia visited Oxford and received an honorary degree from Lord Halifax Chancellor of the University. This was his first visit after the liberation of Ethiopia from the Italian occupation and his own enforced exile in Bath in the 1930s. The Emperor was on world tour to re-establish international links and renew support for the development and modernization of Ethiopia. In 1960 he became patron of the Oxford University African Student Society.

    On the occasion of Black History Month in Oxford and to commemorate the visit and celebrate ongoing Oxford relations and engagement with Ethiopia, there will be a special one-day event to review, remember and discuss the many legacies of Haile Selassie within Ethiopia, externally as founder of the Organization of African Unity and internationally as icon for past and contemporary Pan Africanist movements.

     The event will take place on Saturday October 13 at the School of Anthropology, Museum & Ethnography Seminar Room, 64 Banbury Road. Oxford.

    Scholars, journalists, artists and others with an interest in Ethiopia and Africa are invited to contribute short papers, memoirs, reflections and other items of historical , personal and cultural significance. The event will be accompanied by “ETHIOPIA IN OXFORD” a series of  exhibitions in Oxford leading up to the commemoration.

    Interested Participants are invited to contribute personal reflections/memories or research/analytical presentations. Suggested topics could include:

    - Haile Selassie- Modernization Contested Nationalisms & State-Building: New research on old questions of the Imperial period in Ethiopia

    -Role of Monarchies in Contemporary Ethiopia: Who, what and where are the other ‘Royal’ Houses, Sultanates and Chieftaincies of Ethiopia? What is their current status and potential contributions to re-emerging national histories, heritage, identity and reconciliation initiatives?

    -Culture, Music and Art: Ethiopia as reflected/re-presented in past & contemporary Ethiopian and international cultural products.

    -The Emperor as Pan Africanist: Current perspectives within Africa and for the African Diaspora worldwide on the legacies of Haile Selassie

    -The Emperor and Rastafari in Britain: - Current initiatives and developments of Rastafari in UK. Outreach and educational programs in Britain. 

    - Ethiopia & Britain, Past & Present: Britons working in various sectors in Ethiopia.  The Ethiopian Royal family in Britain.  Personal friends and advisors to the Emperor and his family. Contemporary economic, educational & cultural engagements.

    Oxford and Ethiopia: Past and current research and development engagement with Ethiopia. A history of Ethiopian students in Oxford and their various contributions to the many disciplines they have studied in.


    Participants are asked to register their interest and suggest further ideas for topics/artistic and other contributions by September 30th. 2018. Completed agenda will be sent October 5th 2018.


    Please send to: angelaravenroberts@gmail.com.   woldet53@gmail.com 

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