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  • Deepest condolences to the Ethiopian Royal Family Posted on 18 February 2019

    Deepest condolences to the Ethiopian Royal Family.

    Princess Sara Gizaw, Dowager Duchess of Harar is the widow of Prince Makonnen, Duke (Mesfin) of Harar and second son of Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia.

    She was born in 1929. Her father was Gizaw Abera, a former Nibure Id of Axum, and her paternal grandfather was Dejazmach Abera Tedla.

    She was educated at the Royal Infirmary Nursing School of Edinburgh.

    She is the mother of five sons, Paul Wossen Seged Makonnen, Mikael Makonnen, Tefferi Makonnen, Beede Mariam Makonnen and the late Dawit Makonnen (also known as Makonnen Makonnen). In her day, Princess Sara was renowned as one of the most beautiful women at the Court of the Emperor of Ethiopia. She was widowed in 1957 when her husband, the Duke of Harar, was killed in a car accident. She often accompanied the Emperor on foreign visits, and acted as one of his official hostesses along with Princess Tenagnework after the death of Empress Menen.

    Princess Sara was imprisoned with the other women of the Imperial Family of Ethiopia in 1974, and was released from prison in 1988.

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