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  • Ethiopian Police have made Hundreds arrested in wake of Ethiopia violence Posted on 29 October 2019



    Hundreds arrested in wake of Ethiopia violence

    Kalkidan Yibeltal

    BBC News, Addis Ababa

    Police in Ethiopia’s Oromia region say 359 people have been arrested across the region on suspicion of involvement in the violence that some say was the result of ethnic and religious tensions last week. 

    Officials say 67 people were killed in the unrest that broke out after an influential Oromo activist and journalist Jawar Mohammed said that attempts were made to endanger his life by removing his bodyguards. 

    The police chief in Oromia, Kefyalew Tefera, has told the BBC the number detained could increase as investigations into the violence continue. 

    Mr Kefyalew also said that three churches as well as a mosque had been burned down during the unrest. A senior official of the Orthodox church told the BBC on Monday that more than 60 of the church’s followers had been killed. 

    In the town of Ambo, 100km (62 miles) west of the capital, Addis Ababa, protesters had been killed by members of the regional police who shot live bullets, according to the police chief. 

    Soldiers have been deployed in areas affected by the violence.

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